EMS Billing Analysis

A Thorough Analysis of Your EMS Billing Reports

Based on our billing experience, we'll show you all of the areas where we feel you can improve your EMS billing practices.

When Was the Last Time Your EMS Billing Had a Check-Up?

We’ve been billing for fire departments and ambulance companies for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve learned to read between the numbers. What’s our ideal, realistic claim collection rate? What’s our target AR over 90 days percentage? From these figures, we can build a picture of a healthy billing agency. We’d like to apply this expertise to you.

A Thorough, In-Depth Look

We’ll ask you for a few key reports from your billing system. Give us a week and we’ll turn around a complete analysis of your numbers, including action items that you can use to implement improvements to your billing, follow-up and compliance workflow.

EMS Billing Report
EMS Billing Report pages

We Cover All the Bases

We’ll review your collection rates, write-offs, trip volumes, ALS/ BLS split, and AR aging in light of your serve area demographics. We’ll compare that data to industry best practices and target Key Performance Indicators and document those areas where we feel you could improve.

We Do All the Work

All we need for your analysis are copies of your standard AR reports. Once we're done, we'll send you a comprehensive written review of your current billing practices. We're also happy to meet with you to discuss our findings. Even if you don't use our billing services, our evaluation will point out ways to maximize your collection rates so you can focus on what you do best: Providing emergency services to those in need.

EMS Billing Report

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