Stay Focused on your Business

At EF Recovery, we’ve been knee-deep in the medical billing industry since the company’s inception in 2006. Our high collection ratios, multi-lingual staff and accurate billing methodologies translate to one thing: getting you reimbursed for your transports as quickly as possible.

Transports Billed / Collection Rates...

70,219 / 88%
89,578 / 91%
89,296 / 97%

Highest Possible Rate of Return

One of our key strengths is follow-up. We go beyond the easy reimbursements, spending time on denials and appeals to insure that payers properly reimburse you for all of your transports.

Hassle-Free Reporting Compliance

Because we bill for clients nationwide, we understand the complexities and nuances of government reporting regulations. We maintain a rigorous compliance process that includes self-audits, customer reviews and ongoing compliance training and regulatory monitoring.

Medicare and Medicaid Exclusion Screening

EF Recovery makes it easy for you to check if your employees, officers and board members are excluded, debarred or suspended from participation in Medicare and Medicaid--a check you need to perform every month.

Want to keep billing in-house?

We’ll perform a comprehensive review of your billing practices.

Other Ways We Stand Out

  • NEMSIS-Gold Compliant Software
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Personal review of every claim
  • Electronic integration with popular PCR systems
  • Professional, attentive multilingual staff
  • Comprehensive, real-time online management reports
  • Claim submittal by ePCR, fax or NEMSIS

GEMT Reporting Services

EF Recovery is proud to partner with Public Consulting Group to provide your organization with Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT) report preparation. Learn how this service can bring you supplemental reimbursement for your ambulance transports.

I'd like to know more about CM Mobile and the Response Recovery program.