An Uncommon IT Strength That Unlocks the Productivity of Your First Responder Software

Our IT expertise and capability let us create powerful custom software solutions for our customers.

Industry Software Experience

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of ePCR, fire reporting, CAD and data management. Our extensive background in data hosting and billing translates to an on-the-ground ability to solve first responder technical problems.

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Hosted Software Licenses

If you use first responder software, EF Recovery is an idea partner to host your licenses. We operate a Tier 2 server room that is safe, secure and protected by multiple redundant systems designed to provide consistent, reliable uptime, backed by 24/7 support.

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Development to Your Exact Needs

We can create custom reports for first responder software, design and program productivity add-ons and offer skilled technical support to your entire organization. Where other software companies charge ridiculously-high fees or make you wait months for custom work, our IT team can get the job done swiftly and for a reasonable, fair price.

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IT Expertise Backed by Billing Experience

We are a seasoned partner who is fully fluent in the first responder industry. Because we understand all aspects of the billing workflow, we know how demanding the IT requirements are to keep your electronic systems running at their full capacity.

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Other IT Services That We Offer

  • Managed services
  • Custom reporting
  • Data transfer
  • Software integration
  • IT consulting
  • Field app development
  • First responder software selection
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